Dizzy from the Kool-Aid

I spent most of the last week in day-long geek parties better known as Networking Tech Field Day. Talking with startups doing cool things or vendors launching cool products, and bouncing barely-feasible ideas off fellow geeks is intoxicating. No wonder I was so excited after the previous events.

Eventually I’ll wake up in the harsh reality of three geographies, settle in my cozy corner in the trough of the disillusionment and become my grumpy old self. In the meantime, you might find my blog posts to be a bit rainbow colored, glitzy from the pixie dust … and if you look hard enough, you might spot a unicorn hiding just around the corner.

Finally, good things don’t just happen – Stephen Foskett, the mastermind behind the Tech Field Days, and his crew (Claire Chaplais and unforgettable Tom The Nerd Hollingsworth) pulled off yet another fantastic event. Perfect organization, no Gartner, just a pinch of marketing, and loads of presenters who really knew their stuff. Great job! Thank you!


Networking Tech Field is a vendor-sponsored event. However …

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