Optimal Layer-3 Forwarding with Active/Active VRRP (Enterasys Fabric Routing)

Enterasys implemented optimal layer-3 forwarding with an interesting trick: they support VRRP like any other switch vendor, but allow you to make all members of a VRRP group active forwarders regardless of their status.

Apart from a slightly more synchronized behavior, their implementation doesn’t differ much from Arista’s Virtual ARP, and thus shares the same design and deployment caveats.

For more information, watch the Fabric Routing video from the Enterasys Robust Data Center Interconnect Solutions webinar.


  1. Is there a limit to the max number of active routers for a given VLAN?
  2. Hi Juan

    VRRP allows to configure 255 priorities - so that would be the limit per VLAN. We also support up to 1024 routed interfaces per switch to run VRRP (on our S Series)

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