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IPv6 uRPF and Neighbor Discovery Throttling

IPv6 source address spoofing should be old news – it’s no different from its IPv4 counterpart. Neighbor discovery exhaustion attack is an IPv6-only phenomenon, enabled by huge IPv6 subnet sizes.

During the IPv6 Security webinar Eric Vyncke described Cisco IOS mechanisms you can use to cope with both. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello!!!! I am currently planning to do my college project on securing neighbor discovery.So please give some insights into latest developments in neighbor discovery research and which algorithm can be used to make it more secure in my project.And what research can be done on this.. please help!!!

    1. ... and I have absolutely no interest in doing other people's homework. One of the skills you should master in college is independent research ;)

  2. Can u plis suggest some good project center then??
    If you wish to do project for me,i am ready to pay as you wish.No bargain.. fixed rate!!;)


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