Celebrating 40 years of Ethernet ... at south pole

Did you know Ethernet turned 40 today? I didn't (I was never good at tracking anniversaries), but Kris Amundson (the engineer keeping his network up and running in pitch dark Antarctica) quickly brought it to my attention with wonderful photos of South Pole Ethernet network built @ -69C (that's -92F if you're still ignoring the metric system).

Even better, they still have a thick coax cable with transceiver screwed into it!

Thanks for sharing, Kris! Really appreciated ;)


  1. I'm 40 in two weeks time. I am younger than the technology my current network is built upon. ;-)
  2. If you look closely, you'll notice no transceiver cable is connected to the transceiver...
  3. Yeah where is the AUI cable? That MAU is not doing a darn thing like that!
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