The Best of Last Week’s IPv6 Summit

Last week’s IPv6 summit organized by Jan Žorž was probably one of the best events to attend for engineers interested in real-life IPv6 deployment experience. Some of the highlights included:

Enjoy! ... and thank you, Jan, for an excellent event.


  1. Ivan, your presentation was great as well!
    Can you, please, add it to the list. Thanks!
  2. Sorry, missed your previous post ;-)
  3. Pipi, thnx for being with us, Slo IPv6 summits are not the same without you :)
  4. Any idea if the slides for the presentations are or will be made available? I had a bit of a poke around and didn't have any luck. Thanks.
  5. Presentations are being collected and will be published. Links will appear on the event agenda, talks titles will become "active".

    And, by the way, 7th Slo IPv6 summit was organized by Go6, Arnes and LTFE, without all involved we could not do it in a such great way :)
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