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Skip the Transitions, Build IPv6-Only Data Centers

During last week’s IPv6 Summit I presented an interesting idea first proposed by Tore Anderson: let’s skip all the transition steps and implement IPv6-only data centers.

You can view the presentation or watch the video; for more details (including the description of routing tricks to get this idea working with vanilla NAT64), watch Tore’s RIPE64 presentation.

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  1. yes, I agree with this philosophy. if you lucky enough to start a DC from scratch, then some brain cycle should be taken for IPv6 feasibility. Make sure to review all product needed in that DC to fit IPv6 right away.

  2. Interesting... but how does this fit into traditional enterprise networks?

    1. Poorly ... thus many of them will be busy transitioning for the next 10 years.

    2. At least you could place new servers into IPv6-only VLANs and have dual-stack on clients only.... but only if they don't have dependencies with legacy IPv4-only servers...


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