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During the last days there have been rumors of flying pigs and open speculations whether I’d rename my blog to junoshints or junioshints due to my Junos-related posts. When even my wife told me to get my act together, it was time to move ... and you can see the first changes at the top left corner of the screen.

As the long-time readers of my blog probably still remember, it all started with my decision to write about underdocumented or rarely used features of Cisco IOS, and I named my blog accordingly. I slowly started to explore other topics, discovered interesting new technologies and challenges, and last year’s Networking Tech Field day finally pushed me into multi-vendor waters. The blog’s name no longer fit its content.

My lovely wife took matters into her hands, figured out ipSpace might be a way better fit (as all things I write about relate to IP in one way or another), and even designed the new logo. All I had to do was to get a new domain name (ipspace.net) and implement the design.

Balancing a Name Change

Balancing a Name Change

The change in the name (and domain) does not impact the blog/web site content or direction in any way. I will continue writing about the same technologies and challenges, and cover products and solutions from major physical and virtual networking vendors. You will eventually notice changed domain name, first for the web site, later for the blog. And just in case you’re wondering – my Twitter name will not change (primarily because someone grabbed @ipspace a few years earlier).


  1. Do you think you can post all the blog text to RSS and Kindle? It sounds ridiculous but have to hit the Read More... link in kindle and android isn't a good user experience. Thanks.
  2. Very nice logo and apt choice of name
  3. I like the new domain choice.

    The only small detail that could be better, but I guess it would not work with the logo, would be to keep IP in uppercase.

    Anyway details, the content is what really matters ;)
  4. Putting the full text in the RSS feed hurts pageviews that don't reach the original site, therefore most bloggers, that care about pageviews, only put a snippet of the entire post.

    If you use a feed aggregator, yes it would be great to have all the information right there, but if you are really interested in the post content you will click the 'more' link.
  5. Ivan,
    I like the new name as much as your articles.

    Thanks for your dedication to enlighten the networking community.
  6. Excellent choice for the new name. Love your site and the range of topics you cover. I consider it required reading for any network administrator. Please keep it up!
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