Interesting links (2011-08-14)

My Inbox is overflowing (yet again); here are some great links from last week:

Data centers and summer clouds

F5 is addressing an interesting problem with its latest software release: DNS DoS attacks. In other posts, Lori MacVittie describes cloud configuration management and troubleshooting problems.

Matthew Norwood describes an interesting product from HP – you could probably build a small data center with a single blade enclosure.

You’ll find an interesting description of a big cloudy problem – identity crisis – on The Loose Couple’s Blog.


DS-Lite finally made it to the RFC state: architecture (RFC 6333) and DHCP options (RFC 6334).

IPv6 extension headers can lead to security issues or suboptimal performance (from Arbor Networks security blog).


Duncan (Yellow Bricks) Epping continues his coverage of vSphere 5: vMotion enhancements, metro vMotion and partitioned HA clusters.


10 ways to wreck a fiber. Fun reading.

Chuck Hollis rants about good companies engaging in bad marketing practices. I can’t figure out why he failed to mention a storage company parking cars in front of competitor’s headquarters.

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