IPv6 security issues: Fixing implementation problems

Let’s assume we’re all past the IPv6 myths phase and know that IPv6 does not offer more (or less) inherent security than IPv4. Will the IPv6 networks be as secure as IPv4 ones? Not necessarily, because we’re lacking feature parity and implementation experience. As I explained in the “IPv6 security issues: Fixing implementation problems” I wrote for SearchTelecom:

Until equipment vendors fill in the gaps and offer true feature parity between IPv4 and IPv6 security features, we can expect the IPv6 networks to be less secure that today’s IPv4 networks -- not because IPv6 is insecure, but because today’s IPv6 implementations still lag behind their IPv4 counterparts.

Read more @ SearchTelecom (or consider the excellent IPv6 Security book by Eric Vyncke).


  1. Ivan! Thanks for lots of good articles about IPv6 lately, very useful info. However I did not see any AAAA record for this blog? I was configuring our test network and wanted to look up an article here from my IPv6 only laptop - no go.
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