Interesting links (2011-01-09)

Jedi Mind Tricks: HTTP Request Smuggling – an intriguing HTTP vulnerability and the countermeasure using ... what else ... F5.

Flailing IPv6 – up to 13% of IPv6 connections fail, mostly due to broken tunnels. Stop tunneling!

Cisco UCS criticism and FUD: Answered – another great article by @bradhedlund. Assuming he’s not making it up, some competitors must be really desperate.

Understanding Inter-Area Loop Prevention Caveats in OSPF Protocol – a masterpiece by @plapukhov. I thought I knew almost everything there is to know about OSPF. Boy was I wrong.

2011 Cloud, PaaS, NoSQL Predictions. Let’s hope he’s right and people will actually move toward PaaS. That would solve so many stupidities we have to deal with today.

Radius Auth-Type attribute. Kurt Bates describes how you can remove password check on a PPP account without exposing your network devices.

Andrew vonNagy is describing a weird QoS problem. A great example of the Law of unintended consequences.

So Far Away From Me: Managing Network Gear That’s Over The Horizon. Another must-read from Ethan Banks, preferably as a follow-up to the Remote (in Band) Configuration Tips from John McManus (I can’t help but read his post in his wonderful Scottish accent ;).

Using MySQL as a NoSQL - A story for exceeding 750,000 qps on a commodity server. There are still some people that are willing to throw their brains, not more hardware, at a problem. Few and far between, but to see one is encouraging.

The State of IPv6 in Canada – slow-moving local Service Providers might enable international competition to gain ground.

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