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Cleaning the Inbox: Networking Links

I published this blog post in December 2010. As I was cleaning it up 10 years later, only three out of original 11 links still worked. Whatever…

Some Internet Architectural Guidelines and Philosophy – a must-read for people inventing crazy schemes like load balancing based on unicast flooding or MAC-over-MAC proprietary network virtualization (you know who you are but I doubt you read RFCs or my blog).

Spoofing Google search history with CSRF – like we didn’t have enough security problems, here’s another one.

So what's the MTU on that? The MTU surprises never stop.


  1. For RFC 3439 I highly recommend reading section comparing the efficiency of packet switching to that of circuit switching ;)
  2. Yeah, I know that one is your favorite. Now you tell me why packet switching scales so much better than circuit switching ;)
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