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Cleaning the Inbox: Data Center, Storage, Virtualization

Links to great data center, storage and virtualization articles found in the depths of my bloated Inbox:

Technology short takes by Scott Lowe. A must-read.

Keys to Virtualization Success – this is how you do it right. Great job, Bob!

FIP, FIP Snooping Bridges, and FCFs: Part 1 (FIP) and Part 2 (FIP snooping and FCF) – good in-depth articles (although I still disagree with the need for FIP snooping).

Creating SAN Port Channels when using NPV mode on Nexus 5k – no idea what he’s talking about, but if you need to combine NPV and SAN port channels, you’ll find the solution on Brass Tacks blog.

Cisco Unified Computing System is 75% Networking - Who Knew? You can rely on NetworkWorld to produce oxymoron titles like this one.

Understanding vSphere Disaster Recovery/Avoidance options – Before considering stretched clusters, read this (including all the linked-to posts). Consider the complexity. Reread. Repeat.

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