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Cleaning the Inbox: data center, storage, virtualization

Links to great data center, storage and virtualization articles found in the depths of my bloated Inbox:

Technology short takes by Scott Lowe. A must-read.

Keys to Virtualization Success – this is how you do it right. Great job, Bob!

Virtualizing databases: too big to fail? – a common sense approach to “what should I virtualize” question.

FIP, FIP Snooping Bridges, and FCFs: Part 1 (FIP) and Part 2 (FIP snooping and FCF) – good in-depth articles (although I still disagree with the need for FIP snooping).

FCoE, VN-Tag, FEX, and vPC – Brad Hedlund yet again performing a great job in lieu of Cisco’s documentation team.

The Different QoS Capabilities of the VMware vSwitch’s – Greg Ferro comparing QoS capabilities of vSwitch, vDS and Nexus 1KV

Creating SAN Port Channels when using NPV mode on Nexus 5k – no idea what he’s talking about, but if you need to combine NPV and SAN port channels, you’ll find the solution on Brass Tacks blog.

An FCIP tunnel made of Ethernet Port Channels or a FC Port Channel made of FCIP tunnels, which is better? The title says it all.

Cisco Unified Computing System is 75% Networking - Who Knew? You can rely on NetworkWorld to produce oxymoron titles like this one.

The vSwitch ILLUSION and DMZ virtualization – oldies but goldies. Read this every time your server admin wants to implement DMZ web servers and internal database servers on the same physical box.

UCS firmware 1.4(1) is released. When was the last time you’ve seen new Cisco IOS releases coming out every two months?

Understanding vSphere Disaster Recovery/Avoidance options – Before considering stretched clusters, read this (including all the linked-to posts). Consider the complexity. Reread. Repeat.

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