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Another security product killed

We all knew MARS is becoming a dead end (Cisco first removed third-party support and then stopped developing the product), now it’s official. MARS is dead.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, this is the third security product (after WAF and XML Gateway) Cisco has killed this year. Are they implementing borderless networks or trimming down to core competences while preparing for onslaught of market adjacencies?

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    Looking at the new CCNP Security it wasn 't a big suprise although i am curious about the outlook on the security division. [cristal ball mode]It wouldn 't suprise me if their ACE products will also get the status EOL after a takeover of F5.

  2. Well... all those products are bought by customers because they already have a 100% Cisco network.
    The customers who are concerned by the technology and not the vendor have no deal with running all those "road to die" who are always a lap behind the other niche vendors.
    MARS, ACE, WAAS, .. all are revamped products destined to the recycle bin.


  3. and don't forget the CSA, which was also killed recently.

  4. Alexander Buchenkov06 December, 2010 10:33

    That`s sad. I don`t understand why Cisco killing own products. What`s going on?

  5. It's very simple: Cisco acquires a company, Cisco tries to sell the product, lack of focus makes for dismal sales, product starts losing market share, Cisco kills the product.

  6. What about the customers that bought MARS and CSM? Does CSM (Cisco Security Manager) does it all? Any trade-in to this products?

  7. Do you believe that ACE and WAAS is going to EOL also?

  8. Cisco has published it's SIEM Ecosystem for customers migrating from MARS to other vendors' solutions at the link below. CSM 4.x does offer some of the MARS features (i.e. it can gather logs from ASA and IPS), but it doesn't do correlation or support nearly as many devices as MARS did.

    SIEM Ecosystem link:


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