CGv6 – how real is it?

Last November I was delighted to read the announcement describing how a module in CRS-1 was going to support CGN, NAT444, NAT64 and DS-Lite. It looked like a major vendor has finally decided it’s time to solve the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition problem.

However, I was not able to find anything beyond a few fancy videos, a white paper and a brochure. Can anyone shed more light on CGv6? Have you seen it running outside of PowerPoint? When can an IPv6-embracing Service Provider expect to see it on an ASR 1000?

And before you ask ... no, CGv6 is not described in my webinars; I only talk about features (not futures) that I was able to get my hands on.


  1. We are doing some similar testing with v6 only clients and the only product that seems to work is unbind for dns64 and juniper 5200 for nat64. I am sure other products will come soon but this works today for most protocols that don't need much help.
  2. Supposedly Ericsson also has a large-scale implementation deployed in several huge mobile networks with GA scheduled for mid-2010.
  3. According to documentation, Netscreen 5200 supports NAT-PT, not NAT64. Without trying to understand all the details ;) I'm assuming you're saying that NAT-PT in 6-to-4 mode works close enough to NAT64. Is that it?
  5. Fantastic. Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for ;)

    I was trying to find CGv6 documentation last week, but obviously I was just a day or two too early.
  6. CGN NAT44 is first application that is shipping. A BEHAVE-compliant stateless IPv4/IPv6 Translator supported on the same blade is currently deployed in several customer networks on early field trial. This will ship some time this fall. Another application is 6rd BR and this too will come out this fall. All can run concurrently on the same blade.
  7. Thank you! I already wrote aboute NAT44 here:

    Would you happen to know the timeline for the stateful NAT64? Stateless v4/v6 translator does not really address the IPv4 address shortage problem.
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