IPv6 in the campus but not in the Data Center?

Cisco has recently published two excellent design guides: Deploying IPv6 in Campus Networks and Deploying IPv6 in Branch Networks. As expected from the engineers writing Cisco’s design documents, these guides contain tons of useful information and good recommendations; they’re a highly recommended reading if you’ve started considering IPv6 deployment in your enterprise network. These design guides are part of Design Zone for Branch and Design Zone for Campus.

IPv6 deployment issues are just one of the topics covered in the Enterprise IPv6 Deployment workshop. You can attend an online version of the workshop or we can organize a dedicated event for your team.

As expected, there’s no IPv6 section in the Design Zone for Data Centers. The “ipv6” does not even appear in the latest Cisco Data Center Assurance Program. It looks like we’re dealing with multiple companies: the routing-and-switching company that understands where the world is heading and works hard to prepare itself and its customers for the change and the data-center company that’s too busy integrating various bits-and-pieces and positioning itself to consider the mundane technologies like IPv6.

Looking from outside, one has to ask himself: What good is IPv6 in the branch offices and campus networks if we cannot deploy it in the Data Center? Watching lolcats on YouTube over an alternate protocol?

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