Quick tip: limit SNMP traps sent to a SNMP server

If you use multiple SNMP servers in your network, you might want to limit the traps each server receives. Configuring this functionality is easy: just list the traps you want a server to receive at the end of the snmp-server host configuration command.

When you specify the list of SNMP trap types a server should receive, a trap is sent to the server only if it’s listed in the snmp-server host command and enabled with the snmp-server enable traps command.


  1. This is a good tip but I had trouble doing this when using snmp version 1. All traps were still getting sent to the host. I had to use v2c and then it worked. Doesn't see like a difference in the protocol versions, just the way IOS behaves.

    I also blogged a scenario showing what I found:


    Have you experienced this? Maybe just a bug in the IOS I was using, though I don't recall what version it was.
  2. Looks like a bug that has already been fixed. I was not able to reproduce the behavior you've observed with 12.4(24)T.
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