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Troubleshooting OSPF adjacencies

Troubleshooting OSPF adjacencies can be a nightmare: if you’ve misconfigured the OSPF interface parameters (the timers or the subnet mask), the adjacency will not form, but the router will not tell you why. The only mechanism you can use to detect the mismatch is the debug ip ospf hello command … just don’t try to use it on a console session of a router running OSPF across hundreds of interfaces.

The OSPF hello event debugging does not display OSPF packets received from a different subnet. If you configure mismatched IP subnets (not the subnet mask) on adjacent routers, you will not see any received hello packets.

To limit the debugging outputs to a single interface, use the debug interface command.

For example, in my test network, the routers did not want to establish adjacency on the Fast Ethernet interface:

C1#show ip ospf interface brief
Interface PID Area IP Address/Mask Cost State Nbrs F/C
Fa0/0 1 0 10 DR 0/0
Lo0 1 0 1 LOOP 0/0
Se1/0.101 1 1 64 P2P 1/1
Se1/0.100 1 1 64 P2P 1/1
C1#show ip ospf neighbor

Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 0 FULL/ - 00:00:38 Serial1/0.101 0 FULL/ - 00:00:36 Serial1/0.100

Using the OSPF hello debugging limited to Fast Ethernet interface I quickly discovered the source of the problem: the subnet mask mismatch between the adjacent routers.

C1#debug interface FastEthernet 0/0
Condition 1 set
C1#debug ip ospf hello
OSPF hello events debugging is on
OSPF: Rcv hello from area 0 from FastEthernet0/0
OSPF: Mismatched hello parameters from
OSPF: Dead R 40 C 40, Hello R 10 C 10 Mask R C


  1. In case of subnet mismatch "debug ip ospf adj" will do the trick:

    OSPF: Rcv pkt from [src_addr], FastEthernet1/0, area [area_id] : src not on the same network

    P.S. 12.4(18b)
  2. ... and "deb ip ospf events" catches both types of mismatch (mask|subnet).

    P.S. Conditional debugging is very handy -- thanx for the input!
  3. That conditional debug tip is quite handy.

    Will definitely be using that one in the future
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