RTBH links (and thanks for the acronym :)

One of the comments to my Sunday post mentioned RTBH. Obviously I'm not geeky enough, as I had to ask uncle Google for help (but don't worry, I'll work on my geekiness factor :).

The search results produced a few very interesting links, among them a well-structured presentation on RTBH that refers to a paper describing how you can detect remote DoS attacks with the backscatter analysis (assuming the attackers are randomly spoofing source IP addresses).


  1. Ivan, the URL referenced in this blog entry is no longer valid.


    I got the following error:

    The requested resource
    is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address. Please remove all references to this resource.
  2. The link is incorrect -- just go to:


    And you'll get a copy of the PDF.
  3. Fixed the link (forgot the http:// prefix). Thanks for the notice!
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