The “fallback global” VRF option does not exist in Cisco IOS

Cheng sent me an interesting question:
I'm reading your book MPLS and VPN Architectures and I've found the ip vrf forwarding name fallback global command in the “Additional Lookup in the Global Routing Table” section. I can only find this command in Junos, but not in IOS.

… and he was right. When we were writing the book, we described several features that were still in development as it looked like they would be in the production code by the time the book was published. Many of them made it into the public IOS releases (for example, the Carrier's Carrier architecture), but some of them (like this command) simply vanished from the surface.

However, it looks like the engineers that switched from Cisco to Juniper took the concept with them and implemented it in JunOS, so JunOS has this feature but IOS doesn't.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting this - saved me several hours head scratching to find the feature now I know it wasn't implemented :)
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