NAT activates NBAR

A few days ago I had an “interesting” experience on a router that was running low on memory: when I enabled NAT, it immediately ran out of memory although it had over 4 MB free memory before that (and since I was doing the tests in a lab, I wasn't worried about that … in a production network, 4 MB of free memory is something to worry about).

It took me a while to figure out what was going on: the moment you enable NAT in IOS release 12.4, it activates Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) even when CEF is disabled (and supposedly NBAR requires CEF to run).

Here's a sample test: the moment I've configured a loopback interface to be NAT inside interface (and it was the only NAT-enabled interface in the box), NBAR consumed 4.5 MB of memory:
R2(config)#int loop 0
R2(config-if)#ip nat inside
R2(config-if)#do show ip nbar resources
NBAR memory usage for tracking Stateful sessions
   System link age : 30 secs
   Initial memory : 4455 KBytes
   Max initial memory : 14852 KBytes
   Memory expansion : 112 KBytes
   Max memory expansion : 112 KBytes
   Memory in use : 4455 KBytes
   Max memory allowed : 29705 KBytes
   Active links : 0
   Total links : 39784


  1. Maybe cisco thought NBAR was a better choice to perform session tracking? Do you also get full NBAR stats reporting?
  2. Can you then disable NBAR?
  3. @rawcode: No, you have to enable NBAR on individual interfaces to get protocol discovery running.

    @richard: You cannot disable NBAR as long as NAT is configured.
  4. My thoughts on this was application fixup. A number of protocols (active FTP, DNS, SQLNET, RTSP and others) either embed IP addresses or do port changes, which NAT would have to detect and fixup. A quick google found this cisco doc,, which indicates that Application Level Gateways are used. It wouldn't surprise me if ALGs use NBAR to do its dirty work.
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  6. NBAR also generates high cpu on my cisco router while applying to tow interfaces with total of volume traffic : 80 Mbps.
  7. (G)"no ip nat service nbar" could help.
    according to the command was introduced in 12.4
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