Frame Relay congestion management

In the “good old days” we've been teaching our students that although a router can act as a Frame Relay switch, it supports only the rudimentary functionality of switching the packets, but not the policing/marking features available in Frame Relay switches. That hasn't been true for a while - in IOS release 12.1T, Cisco has introduced the congestion management features. You can specify the congestion management per-interface (with the frame-relay congestion-management interface configuration command) and set the DE drop/ECN mark percentages for all PVCs on the interface or you can set the parameters within a map-class.

I don't know how useful this feature is to you; I was fond of finding it because it solves some interesting problems I had a (long) while ago. If you need more in-depth description or actual configurations, post a comment or send me a message.


  1. it would be usefull, because many enterprise still use FR. And may CCIE candidate read you blog, it will be usefull for them too :)
  2. It would be helpful if you could post one or two example configs. Since your links are already invalid due to Cisco reorganizing their Online Docu.
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