Continuous ping from a router

A lot of people arriving to my blog ask about continuous ping performed from a router. Well, you cannot generate never-ending ping from a command line interface, but you can get pretty close with a very large repeat count: Note: this article is part of You've asked for it series.


  1. There is a better way to accomplish a continuous ping. You could use IP SLA/SAA to generate the pings. You can also retrieve the data from a snmp MIB.
  2. This is the first time im noticing this. In Linux, continuous ping is the default nature and in Windows, we can achieve it with a "-t" option.

    Today when I was configuring PIM, I needed a continuous ping within Cisco IOS...

    Thanks for the info and thanks for spending your precious time for educating others... God bless you...

    J Thomas,
    Technical Trainer,
    Joera Technology Labs,
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