Stop extended ping or traceroute command

Every introductory Cisco course tells you that you can stop any IOS command (for example, ping or traceroute) with the Ctrl/^ (also written as ^^ or Ctrl-Shift-6) escape character. What they usually forget to tell you is how to do that on non-US-ASCII keyboards or with telnet programs that do not want to recognize weird control characters.

The trick is simple - if you cannot generate ^^ (ASCII code 30), change the escape character. You can change it for the current session with the terminal escape-character char exec-level command or permanently with the escape-character char line configuration command. For example, to set the escape character for the current session to ctrl-C, use terminal escape-character 3 command.

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  1. spasibo, blagodarya washei statie teper ja super haker! 8-)
  2. Very good your tip, you a man of value. I shal open to you, the path to the heaven
  3. oh thanks :)
    I can stop this waiting for finishing the command :) yahooo
  4. Hello,

    I have a Cisco 2511-RJ and couple of routers&switches bundled for CCIE Lab. All works well except when I want to switch connections on the access-server. I use CTRL-SHIFT-6, x but no luck.

    I tried an update for the 2511 to 12.3(26). Also I configured on it
    terminal escape-character 3 then I use "for switching between sessions" CTRL-C, x. But again, no luck.

    Any suggestion?
  5. Hi,

    But if enable option of Windows hotkeys in SecureCRT then what is the command to stop extended Ping or Traceroute since now Ctrl + C is used for copy. Pls Ans!!
    1. Have you ever thought about (for example) "terminal escape-character 4"?
  6. A bit late to the answer, but I have a fix for your SecureCRT issue when using Windows hotkey options. You can map any unused key combination to send "\003" which is the same as "CTR+SHFT+6" in SecureCRT. I used "CTR+SHFT+5" and it works perfectly.
    To do so:
    1. Session and/or Global options
    2. Terminal > Emulation > Mapped Keys
    3. Click "Map a key..."
    4. Press your key combination, ie "CTR+SHFT+5"
    5. Leave "Send String" option in drop down box.
    6. Enter "\003" without the quotes and click "OK"
    7. Close/reopen SecureCRT.
    8. Enjoy.

    -Ted M.
  7. Thank you Ted! Mapping "\003" to a key combo in SecureCRT works like a charm in ASR9K

    -Lance K.
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