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Display configuration of a single interface

Displaying configuration of a single interface can be a time-consuming task if your router has extremely long configuration (for example, high-end device with hundreds of interfaces, route-maps, access-lists etc.). In this case, the interface keyword of the show running-config command becomes extremely useful. For example, the show running-config interface serial 0/0.1 command displays only configuration of the specified interface (without building the whole running configuration)
POP#show running-config interface serial 0/0.1
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 154 bytes
interface Serial0/0.1 point-to-point
description *** Link to Core-1 ***
ip address
frame-relay interface-dlci 101
Note: the printout is taken from the Configuring BGP Route Reflectors remote lab.


  1. Got any tricks to for example display running config for all vlan interfaces?
    Something like "sh ru int vlan *" ?
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