The versatile more command

With IOS file system (IFS) introduced in IOS release 11.3AA (integrated in 12.0), IOS got the more command that displays any local or remote file that you could specify with IFS. The obvious use of the more command would be display of startup configuration (more nvram:startup-config), but you could also display built-in Tcl EEM policies (for example, more system:lib/tcl/http.tcl) or remote router configurations (for example, more tftp://host/cfg-file). But that's not all, you could even troubleshoot web servers and display HTML generated by the web server (for example, more

Note: IOS documentation claims that the show running command is obsolete and that you should use more system:running-config. This is not true, as the show running command has a number of interesting options that are not implemented with the more command.
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