Disable the "more" prompt

If you want to disable the Cisco IOS more ... prompt (for example, when listing router's configuration with the show running command), set the terminal screen length to zero with the terminal length 0 exec-mode command. To change the terminal lenght permanently, use the length lines line configuration command, for example:
line console
length 0
line vty 0 4
length 0
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  1. The command for this is different on an ASA. The (not permanent) command is:

    terminal pager 0

    I do not know how to make it permanent. The "line" command does not exist on ASA.
  2. The permanent command on ASA is:

    no pager

    the default is:

    pager lines 24
    1. If you want to stop more scrolling:
      Ctrl+Alt+6, all fingers off keyboard hit q
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