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Home page for Cisco IOS web server

Another un(der)documented fact: when you access the router's home page (assuming HTTP or HTTPS server has been enabled), the router displays:
  1. The home.html file if it exists in any filesystem;
  2. The home.shtml file if it exists in any filesystem;
  3. a default page with links to exec, SDM, QDM and TAC support

Note: even though you can access home.html file on flash: device directly, that web page cannot reference any other file in flash: as a relative link unless you specify flash: as the default path for the HTTP requests with the ip http path flash: command.


  1. How can I turn on https (ssl) on a Catalyst 2950 switch? I have the Device Manager working ok. Thanks.
  2. It looks like the SSL (https) is not supported on Cat 2950. Its software is based on IOS release 12.1 and HTTPS was only introduced in 12.2. SSL is supported on Cat 2960, which uses software based on IOS release 12.2.
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