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Upcoming Events: Troopers 2016

Last autumn’s SDN roadtrip left me totally exhausted – at the moment it’s so bad that I can’t push myself to work on non-urgent things – but there are some conferences are that so awesome that I wouldn’t skip them no matter what.

Troopers 16 (March 14th – 18th in Heidelberg, Germany) is a must-go-to security conference. Past events were fantastic, and when Enno Rey asked me what I’d like to talk about this year it wasn’t hard to come up with three interesting topics:

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A Quick Look Back: Webinars in 2015

As you know I always promise my loyal subscribers at least 6 new webinars per year. Well, 2015 was a bit more fruitful. Let’s start with the easy ones:

However, I spent most of my time developing the SDN and network automation curriculum:

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New Webinar: BGP-LS and PCEP

I was often asked about two emerging technologies that enable standard controller-based WAN traffic engineering: BGP-LS to extract the network topology and PCEP to establish end-to-end tunnels from a controller.

Unfortunately, I never found time to explore these emerging technologies and develop a webinar. However, after Julian Lucek from Juniper did such a great job on the NorthStar podcast, I asked him whether he would be willing to do a deep dive technology webinar on the two technologies and he graciously agreed to do it.

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Why Would You Want to Attend a Classroom Workshop?

One of my regular subscribers wondered whether it makes sense to attend a live workshop (like the one we’re running in Miami in a few weeks) instead of listening to my webinars:

I am following your blog posts quite regularly, I’ve been a yearly subscriber for more than 3 years now and I’m even trying to attend as many webinars as I can in real time. Is there a real benefit to participate in this classroom event if we are almost aware of all your slide decks and videos?

Absolutely. Here’s what one of the attendees of a recent SDN workshop wrote when asking me whether I would be willing to do an on-site event for his company:

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Get Digital Content with the SDN Workshop

Last week I ran two SDN workshops, and in both of them the participants were busy taking notes as I explained the intricacies of concepts like SDN, NFV and network automation, and tools like OpenFlow or BGP.

However, how often did you revisit notes taken at a presentation and kept wondering “what exactly was he trying to say?” … or felt like the training you attended was like drinking from a fire hose and you missed most of the good stuff?

You won’t have that problem during the Miami SDN/NFV/SDDC retreat.

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Get Subscription while Attending the Rome SDN/NFV Event

Reiss Romoli, the fantastic organizers of my SDN/NFV event in Rome, Italy in late October are offering you a free personal subscription – a saving of $299 or approximately EUR 270.

All you have to do to qualify is (A) download and fill in the registration form, (B) send it to Reiss Romoli and (C) pay before attending the webinar.

Yeah, I know the PDF form says “fax it back” – everyone has to use the tools that work best in their environment.

Hope we'll meet in warm and sunny Rome in a few weeks!

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How Long Will that Webinar take?

One of my readers wondered how long my NFV webinar is supposed to take (and I forgot to add that information to my web site), so he sent me this question: “How long is this webinar? An hour? Two hours? If it says "webinar" does that imply a 60 minute duration, so I shouldn't ask?

Short answer: live webinar sessions usually take between 90 minutes and 2 hours depending on the breadth of the topic, however…

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A Burst of SDN Webinars (and a Slew of SDN Workshops)

You might have noticed that I’m running three SDN-related webinars in the next three weeks, which is the highest density of live webinar sessions I ever had. What’s going on?

Before moving on, I’d like to point out that the early bird pricing for our November SDN/SDDC retreat in Miami, Florida, ends on September 1st, and there are only a few tickets left. Time to register ;)

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Why Should I Care About Networking?

A month ago I was asked to deliver a short presentation on “something interesting about networking” at my local university. The temptation to talk about network automation and SDN was huge, but I quickly figured out that would make no sense (the audience were students in their freshman year) and decided to talk about a fundamental question: why should a programmer care about networking.

Unfortunately the presentation wasn’t recorded, but you can browse the slide deck on the public content web site.

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Save the Date: Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds Workshop in Switzerland

Gabi Gerber (the wonderful mastermind behind the Data Center Day event) is helping me bring my Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds workshop (one of the best Interop 2015 workshops) to Switzerland.

This is the only cloud design workshop I’m running in Europe in 2015. If you’d like to attend it, this is your only chance – register NOW.

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SDN/OpenFlow/NFV Workshop: Frequent Questions

One of the potential attendees of my SDN workshop sent me a long list of questions. Almost every networking engineer, team leader or CIO asks the first one:

What will happen, if we don´t follow the SDN hype (in the short term, in the medium term and in the long term)?

Answering this question is the whole idea of the workshop.

The up-to-date list of scheduled SDN workshops is available on my web site.

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vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive Webinar Is Complete

Last week we finished the last session of vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive webinar6 hours of downloadable videos covering every single vSphere 6 networking topic are waiting for you.

As always, you get access to the webinar with your subscription, or you can buy just this webinar, or one of the bundles that include it: Data Center track or Data Center Trilogy.

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