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Category: VoIP

The death of VoIP?

In another great example of “investigative journalism”, Network World is asking whether the VoIP is dead (and I guess I’ll never make it to their top-20 list again). Regardless of their sensationalistic approach, take your time and read the original articles they quote (Part 1, Part 2). What the original author claims (and I don’t think you can disagree with him) is that VoIP has turned from hot technology to plumbing faster than some people would like. Whether that’s bad or not depends on the perspective … what’s yours?

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Book review: Voice over IP Security

Based on the title, I would assume that the Cisco Press book Voice over IP Security: Security best practices derived from deep analysis of the latest VoIP network threats attracts primarily senior voice engineers who know that they have to secure their production networks. The author of the book strongly disagrees with my opinion, however, spending more than a third of the book on baseline explanations of VoIP, SIP, H.323, firewalls, NAT, DES, IPSec…. I enjoyed the overview chapters, as I last configured VoIP before SIP was invented, but an experienced VoIP engineer would be disappointed.

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