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Category: NFV

Quick link: User-Space Network I/O on x86 Servers

Robert Graham published another great blog post explaining why you need user-space handling of network traffic for multigigabit performance on x86 servers. A must-read if you’re interested in performance of software-based packet forwarding.

Want more? Listen to Snabb Switch Deep Dive and PF_RING Deep Dive podcasts.

Need product details? I collected some performance data points in the NFV webinar.

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Can Virtual Routers Compete with Physical Hardware?

One of the participants of the Carrier Ethernet LinkedIn group asked a great question:

When we install a virtual-router of any vendor over an ordinary sever (having general-purpose microprocessor), can it really compete with a physical-router having ASICs, Network Processors…?

Short answer: No … and here’s my longer answer (cross-posted to my blog because not all of my readers participate in that group).

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