Automated Validation of BGP Labs

In late 2023, I started playing with the idea of having automated validation in netlab. The early implementation was used in BGP labs, and a user liked it so much that he opened an issue saying:

I would suggest providing netlab validate for each lab.

Numerous rounds of yak-shaving later, I merged a humongous commit that adds automated validation to these lab exercises:

The automated validation can be used on Arista EOS, Cumulus Linux, and FRR1 and requires validation plugins included in netlab release 1.8.3.

Some other lab exercises already supported automated validation:

  1. Want to run validation on other platforms? Please implement the BGP and OSPF validation plugins (they have to pass all the validation plugin integration tests) and submit a PR. Being a realist, I’m not holding my breath ;) ↩︎

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