Blog Posts in July 2021

OpenFlow Realities, 2021 Edition

I thought I was too harsh every now and then, but I’m a complete amateur when compared to Minh Ha’s take on OpenFlow.

Indeed Quantum Computing and OpenFlow have a lot in common. They both create stories that have emotional appeal, they both require invention of new physics, and they’re both filled with grand vision, grandstanding, and empty promises. But there’s no shortage of PhDs, high hopes, cash infusion from VCs, and a Cambrian explosion of research papers, many of which content is not even worth the papers it’s printed on.

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Quantum Computing and OpenFlow

I read an excellent rant by prof. Victor Galitski describing the current explosion of Quantum Computing hype, and couldn’t help being reminded of the OpenFlow brouhaha we experienced almost a decade ago – you could do a simple search-and-replace and the article would have been equally valid.

Enjoy… and remember the details for the next time your beloved vendor comes along with Quantum Computing slide deck.

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Designing Networks: From Tricycles to Aircraft Carriers

I planned to take my summer break seriously and stop blogging until late August, but then I shouldn’t have looked at my Twitter feed (my bad), where the AI algorithms selected just the right morsel to trigger the maximum rantiness. I would strongly recommend you read the original tweet and all the responses first – it looks like it was a serious suggestion, not a trolling exercise (here’s a copy of the original idea in case the tweets get lost in the mists of time).

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