Planning the Extended Coffee Break: Three Months Later

It’s almost exactly three months since I announced going on an extended coffee break. We had some ideas of what we plan to do at that time, but there were still many gray areas, and thanks to tons of discussions I had with many of my friends, subscribers, and readers, they mostly crystallized into this:

You’re trusting me to deliver. We added a “you might want to read this first” warning to the checkout process, and there was no noticeable drop in revenue. Thanks a million for your vote of confidence!

No, I’m not about to retire – I was told in no uncertain terms I would become insufferable if I did that. I plan to keep doing what I was doing for the last decade but at a lower intensity. Right now, it looks like I could comfortably do one live session per month as I promised.

We’ll keep the online courses active. There are no live events planned, but if you’d prefer having lifelong access to the course material instead of Expert Subscription, you already have a chance of buying that. I will keep supporting you in your studies and review hands-on assignments for at least 12 months after you purchase the course. I’m also considering regular whiteboarding discussions (no promises, though).

We shut down the Software Gone Wild podcast. The last episode will be published next week (it doesn’t make sense to do it on Good Friday). I have a few ideas about what I might be doing instead of that, from a Q&A-type podcast (stealing the idea from Cal Newport) to one-on-one chats with drastically simplified logistics.

Now that we’re changing things, we’re looking around at what else could be changed. We might replace the somewhat-stalled GoToWebinar with Zoom (a pilot session is running this afternoon).

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