Must Read: Automate Nexus-OS Fabric Deployment

Some networking engineers breeze through our Network Automation online course, others disappear after a while… and a few of those come back years later with a spectacular production-grade solution.

Stephen Harding is one of those. He attended the automation course in spring 2019 and I haven’t heard from him in almost two years… until he submitted one of the most mature data center fabric automation solutions I’ve seen.

Not only that, he documented the solution in a long series of must-read blog posts. Hope you’ll find them useful; I liked them so much I immediately saved them to Internet Archive (just in case).


  1. We are doing similar automation based on Netconf-Yang (for nx-os, juniper and arista) since 2017 (or we use GNMI-Yang for SONiC) The controller is a trimmed down opendaylight distribution.

    The approach is similar to this, but it's all rest driver from a UI to backend.

    I wish i could share more details :( but it's proprietary code. If you have contacts in AT&T ask for SDDC (Software Defined DC)

  2. Over 80 % of this project is written in Python. So obviously with Ansible you're not getting very far. "Computational thinking" and "knowing a bit of Python" doesn't get you any further. You're are limited to simple tasks. As a network engineer with little knowledge and practice/experience in programming, you better seek for help from software engineers if you want to build something that big. So you can be sure to have something reasonable and performant. Those one man shows doesn't end well usually.

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