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Network Automation Isn’t Easy

Contrary to what some evangelists would love you to believe, getting fluent in network automation is a bit harder than watching 3-minute videos and cobbling playbooks together with google-and-paste… but then nothing really worth doing is ever easy, or everyone else would be doing it already.

Here’s a typical comment from a Building Network Automation Solutions attendee:

I’m loving the class. I feel more confused than I ever have in my 23 year career… but I can already see the difference in my perspective shift in all aspects of my work.

You’ll find another one along the same lines in the course description:

A chain reaction took place in my head. I’m down to earth now and I’m busy with my first Ansible project - automating deployment of an EoMPLS service.

Remember the days you were studying for your CCIE (or CCNP or JNCIE or whatever tough certification you were pursuing)? Now imagine doing that in an unfamiliar territory ;)

Remember how satisfying it was to push through a really tough challenge and get it working (see also: The Deep Benefits of Learning Hard Things)? There are a dozen hard challenges waiting for you in the hands-on exercises part of the course.

Still not sure? In November 2020 we’re organizing a special 2-day event featuring network automation experts from around the globe talking about their production-grade automation solutions or tools they created. Register for the course, and you’ll get immediate access to course materials, reviewed hands-on exercises, and the 2-day automation event.

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