Review Questions: Switching, Bridging and Routing

One of the most annoying part in every training content development project was the ubiquitous question somewhere at the end of the process: “and now we’d need a few review questions”. I’m positive anyone ever involved in a similar project can feel the pain that question causes…

Writing good review questions requires a particularly devious state of mind, sometimes combined with “I would really like to get the answer to this one” (obviously you’d mark such questions as “needs further research”, and if you’re Donald Knuth the question would be “prove that P != NP”).

Now imagine generating over 170 challenging review questions out of 4-hour content. That’s exactly what Miha Markočič managed to do when I asked him to write “a few” questions covering the Switching, Routing and Bridging part of How Networks Really Work webinar.


  1. Need to know how the networking stuff should behave to be able to investigate case where the networking stuff misbehave - does not work as intended;) Sad reality.

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