Review: Webinars in 2019

A year ago I wrote about plans for 2019. While we created over 50 hours of webinar content and over 20 hours of course content in 2019, let’s see how well we delivered on my promises.

Following AWS Networking webinar, we’ll do a similar one on Azure (in early autumn 2019) and GCP (late 2019 or early 2020)

Azure: done. GCP: postponed. Let’s see how serious Google is about that particular project.

The materials for Docker 101 refresh has been ready for quite a while. It’s currently scheduled for late spring.

Failed. Current plan: on-site workshop on March 10th 2020 (triggering a refresh of the materials) with live webinar session scheduled for April 9th 2020.

Matthias Luft will run a series of webinars on cloud security

Done with more sessions scheduled in near future.

We’ll do more on VMware NSX

Done. Another NSX-T update planned after the next major NSX-T release.

We hope Mitja Robas will have time to do Cisco ACI deep dive

Failed. Mitja got pulled into a totally different direction.

We’ll also start a completely new series focused on networking fundamentals


Rachel Traylor will continue her series of math-in-networking webinars.


Dinesh Dutt will complement that material with Open Networking webinars explaining how to do networking on Linux and Linux-based network devices.

Almost… Dinesh decided to focus on Network Operating Systems.

From the “might do” list of things we delivered EVPN in Service Provider networks… and for whatever reason nobody wanted to touch Kubernetes or OpenStack networking ;)

Overall: pretty good.

Of course we also did a number of things we didn’t talk about or didn’t even consider in January 2019:

If you want to get access to all these goodies, there’s only one thing you have to do; standard or expert subscriptions are waiting for you.


  1. Dear Ivan,

    What do you mean from this sentence:
    "GCP: postponed. Let’s see how serious Google is about that particular project."

    That GCP is Google Cloud Print not Google Cloud Platform.

    1. I postponed my investment of time needed to create GCP webinar.
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