That's It for 2019 ;))

Yesterday we ran the last live webinar session for 2019, and all we have to do before locking the virtual office doors and returning to our families is to get the videos back from our editor and publish them. The “this is what we did in 2019” and “this is what we plan to do in 2020” blog posts will have to wait till we come back.

We’ll be (mostly) gone until early January… unless of course you have an urgent support problem. The desperate paperwork ideas like “I need you to sign, stamp, and notarize this legal document written in a language you’ve never seen in your life” will have to survive for a few weeks without our immediate attention (but then they usually don’t disappear on their own).

I hope you’ll be able to do something similar, disconnect from the crazy pace of networking world, forget all the unicorns you’ve been trying to tame during this year, and focus on your loved ones - they need you more than the router sitting in the basement of your building. We would also like to wish you all the best in 2020!

Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding this bit: if you’re looking for a gift for a fellow networking nerd, or have some leftover training budget that craves to be spent, we might have a few ideas

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