Explore the Content Outline of Our Networking in Public Clouds Online Course

A few days ago we published the content outline for our Networking in Public Clouds online course.

We’ll start with the basics, explore the ways to automate cloud deployments (after all, you wouldn’t want to repeat the past mistakes and configure everything with a GUI, would you?), touch on compute and storage infrastructure, and the focus on the networking aspects of public cloud deployments including:

  • Virtual networks, subnets, and interfaces
  • IPv6 support
  • Network security and network services

After mastering the fundamentals of networking in public clouds we’ll focus on interesting challenges: high-availability architectures and hybrid clouds… and conclude with a few thoughts on DevOps in the enterprise environment.

We also collected tons of self-study materials to help you prepare for the course - right now there’s almost 50 hours worth of video materials waiting for you, so you better register ASAP to catch the Early Bird ticket (Believer and Enthusiast tickets already sold out) and start preparing.

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