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Worth Reading: How Complex Systems Fail

I don’t remember who pointed me to the excellent How Complex Systems Fail document. It’s almost like RFC1925 – I could quote it all day long, and anyone dealing with large mission-critical distributed systems (hint: networks) should read it once a day ;))


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  1. Yes, this is kind of generalized conclusion from what we can see dealing with such systems (I am mostly experienced with rather complex voice & data mobile systems and also agree with this summary).

    The other part is much more interesting to me: how to troubleshoot such complex failures. We all know, for example, that complex issues often as a result of coincidence of a few sub-issues but finding the root cause isn't easy ).

    Maybe this could be a part of the NEW System Troubleshooting Blog Series, Ivan?
    Why? Because I believe that troubleshooting is crucial part of our job, if not most important one. You need to fail to learn (at least at the beginning)

    1. "Maybe this could be a part of the NEW System Troubleshooting Blog Series, Ivan?" << Thanks for the suggestion. Trying to figure something out...


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