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Worth Reading: TCP MSS Values in the Wild

In Never-Ending Story of IP Fragmentation I described how you could use TCP Maximum Segment Size to minimize the impact of IP fragmentation and PMTUD blackholes (more details on TCP MSS clamping)… but one has to wonder how people use TCP MSS in the wild and what values you might see.

As is often the case, Geoff Houston found a way to measure them, and published the answer: TCP MSS Values

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1 comment:

  1. Not very surprisingly that distribution of TCP MSS values both for IPv4 and IPv6. One has to exhaust the MSS value to the maximum for performance reasons but keep in mind IP fragmentation.
    For UDP there's no such equivalence.
    I'm wondering what would be the impact on TCP if Google and others start promoting QUIC ("HTTP over UDP").


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