Upcoming Events and Webinars

In April 2019 we’re starting a new cloud security saga with Matthias Luft. The first webinar in this series will focus on the basics, subsequent live sessions spread through the rest of 2019 will cover individual technologies.

Another series we’re starting is Business Aspects of Networking, opening on April 4th with Three Paths of Enterprise IT.

We’ll also continue the math-in-networking series, this time focused on reliability functions and advanced reliability topics.


  1. I've learned the most in my career by watching your youtube video "What really matters" https://youtu.be/ClKEkCRvWTQ . Suddenly I understood the reasons behind business decisions and mistakes made by management. Don't ignore the economical aspect or it'll catch you. It's such an underrated video.
    1. Thanks a million - really appreciated.
  2. Really good video.
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