Upcoming ipSpace.net Events and Webinars (March 2019)

We’re starting the Spring 2019 workshop season in March with open-enrollment workshops in Zurich (Switzerland). It was always hard to decide which workshop to do (there are so many interesting topics), so we’ll do two of them in the same week:

Rachel Traylor will continue her Graph Theory webinar on March 7th with a topic most relevant to networking engineers: trees, spanning trees and shortest-path trees, and I’ll continue with two topics I started earlier this year:

  • On March 19th I plan to finish the Data Center Interconnects webinar with the stretched VLAN horror stories;
  • On March 21st I’ll try to conclude the Ansible 2.7 updates I’m doing for the Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar. We already covered the new connection plugins, user authentication, platform-independent Ansible modules, executing simple commands on network devices, and basic configuration management; the live session will focus on additional configuration management tasks and declarative network configuration modules.

All live webinar sessions and materials for all our workshops are accessible with Standard ipSpace.net subscription.

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