SD-WAN Security Under the Hood

A while ago we published a guest blog post by Christoph Jaggi explaining the high-level security challenges of most SD-WAN solutions… but what about the low-level details?

Sergey Gordeychik dived deep into implementation details of SD-WAN security in his 35C3 talk (slides, video).

TL&DW: some of the SD-WAN boxes are as secure as $19.99 Chinese webcam you bought on eBay.

Even more fun: you’ll find some of the worst offenders as leaders in the Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. Looks like cloudy visions and PowerPoint count more than quality of implementation.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised. What could you expect to happen when vendors that were good in a totally different technology area decide to “explore the market adjacencies” and buy digital camera manufacturer or slap together a bunch of outdated open-source software and call the hodgepodge software-defined.

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