Updated: First Set of Building Next-Generation Data Centers Self-Study Materials

When I started the Building Next-Generation Data Centers online course, I didn’t have the automated infrastructure to support it, so I had to go with the next best solution: a reasonably-flexible Content Management System, and Mediawiki turned out to be a pretty good option.

In the meantime, we developed a full-blown course support system, included guided self-paced study (available with most ipSpace.net online course), and progress tracking. It was time to migrate the data center material into the same format.

The first part of the migration is completed – the introduction, automation, compute/virtualization and storage infrastructure and protocols sections are available in the new format, and the new course content page points to the either the migrated sections, or the old material. We plan to migrate the rest of the material in the next few weeks.

Feedback on the new format is obviously highly welcome. Thank you!

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