New Design

During the last weeks I migrated the whole site (apart from the workgroup administration pages) to the new design. Most of the changes should be transparent (apart from the pages looking better than before ;); I also made a few more significant changes:

  • User profile editing got a dedicated page accessible through the my profile button in the top menu bar. You can change all profile parameters and review your transactions and live session registrations on that page;
  • You can remove free services (including free subscription and mailing list membership) from the profile page;
  • All users get the same starting page regardless of their subscription status (but a few tabs are missing if you don't have a free or paid subscription);
  • Clicking on a video name in a webinar/course materials page results in video being played in the browser window. You can still click the download icon to download the video.
  • Various ways of accessing free content have been merged - the site is gone, as is the awkward behavior where the same link would give you different results based on whether you're logged in or not;
  • Course- or webinar-related messages are displayed on separate pages, not in dialog boxes;
  • Finally, I added help to top menu bar with links to various FAQ documents.

We just rolled the new design in production - if you hit any bugs, please let us know.

During the summer break, I’m publishing blog posts about the projects I’m working on – as you can see, they include web site maintenance and other janitorial tasks. Regular blog posts will return in autumn.

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