GitOps in Networking

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Tom Limoncelli published a must-read article in ACM Queue describing GitOps – the idea of using Pull Requests together with CI/CD pipeline to give your users the ability to request changes to infrastructure configuration.

Using GitOps in networking is nothing new – Leslie Carr talked about this concept almost three years ago @ RIPE 71, and I described some of the workflows you could use in Network Automation 101 webinar.

Still, many networking engineers don’t know where to start, so I put together a step-by-step tutorial (part of the Building Network Automation Solutions online course), and included configuration management (with Git) as the first case study in Lean Start into Network Automation workshop we'll run in Zurich, Switzerland on August 30th.

If you prefer to discover things on your own, you might want to start with a Git tutorial or the excellent Git Pro book, and base your workflow on one of the common Git branching models. You’ll find links to free Git-related resources in the Learn Git section of Getting Started module of the network automation course.


  1. How cool is that! Thomas (and his friends) invented a new buzzword. Now we know how we gonna call it. Love the approach of EverythingOps.
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