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Time for a Summer Break

So many things have happened since I wrote “this is what we’re going to do in 2018” blog post. We ran

We also did a ton of webinars:

It would be impossible to organize all this on my own. Fortunately, I got help: Irena Marčetič join the team in February and does a wonderful job organizing events, working with guest speakers and our experts, and improving our marketing.

And now it’s time for a long summer break. Once I manage to unwind I’ll start working on content for autumn events, and will occasionally post an update. The regular blogging will resume in September.

Hope you’ll be able to do that same: find a quiet spot, disable Internet access (even better: leave all the gadgets at home) and enjoy time off the grid with your loved ones.

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  1. Recover well in your civilized world, dreamer!

  2. Have a great summer! I'm gonna work through all of it, I find summer to be a good time to get things done because there's less people at work asking for stuff.

  3. I head over to Packet Pushers for the time you're absent.


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