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In mid-May, I ran an onsite network automation workshop, and the manager organizing the workshop for his team invited me to a dinner with his peers. Not surprisingly, they wanted to hear about the topics covered in the workshop, and as soon as I mentioned Network-Infrastructure-as-Code several of them said “yes, that definitely needs to be covered.

Infrastructure-as-Code (and its networking equivalent), usually defined as “process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools”, is one of the great ideas that should help us work faster and more reliable… but it’s hard to find anything solid on network-infrastructure-as-code beyond generic blog posts and vendor marketing.

We’ll try to fix that in the Building Network Automation Solutions online course – Mark Prior described how he’s using these concepts to manage networking infrastructure in a private cloud deployment in Spring 2018 session, David Barroso described similar ideas in his presentations, and I’ll expand on the topic in the Autumn 2018 session of the automation course.

All you have to do to learn more about this interesting concept is to register for the course and start learning about the basics of network automation ASAP so you’ll have the necessary knowledge to discuss the details and ask pointed questions in September.

During the summer break, I’m publishing blog posts about the projects I’m working on. Regular blog posts will return in autumn.


  1. Small deployment and solution, but it is something (sorry, slovenian only) :) :;arnesvideo=4766D95D810B9F6D7907AF7542AB04A6?id=K1DOqLqJGIgOadMgLS6Pkj8B

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