Worth Reading: Cognitive Dissonance

I always wondered why it’s so hard to accept that someone might not find your preferred solution beautiful but would call it complex or even harmful (or from the other side, why someone could not possibly appreciate the beauty of your design)… and then stumbled upon this blog post by Scott Adams describing cognitive dissonance (the actual topic they’re discussing in the mentioned video doesn’t matter – look for the irrational behavior).

You might say “but we could politely agree to disagree” but unfortunately that implies that at least one of us is not fully rational due to Aumann’s Agreement Theorem.


  1. It's more about that I don't trust blindly everything from a self-appointed expert even if he's got huge experience in a field. Some experts admit no contradiction which says it all. In the end I think it doesn't matter for you if I agree or disagree on a point or does your ego? You should invest more in your EQ than in your IQ.
    1. Dude... Why do you have to be this harsh ?
      Everytime I read this blog, there are comments like yours that reminds me how humans are such a waste..
  2. Man, its a shame that Scott Adams is such a right wing nut job. I really liked his cartoon.
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